Concerts with lively commentary that enrich the listening experience for the avid music lover and make the joys of great music instantly accessible for the newcomer

His enthusiasm is contagious... his credentials are world-class... his virtuosity is astounding...

What Are Keyboard Conversations?

An entertaining, enriching concert experience.
Brief, captivating remarks introduce dynamic performances of piano masterpieces. Concert concludes with a brisk Q & A session. All questions welcome!
Have broad popular appeal. They attract avid music lovers who want a more meaningful listening experience - and newcomers looking for inviting, instant access to the joys of great music.
Thrill audiences annually across the United States and in London.
"Keyboard Conversations® - Piano Treasures," a one-hour TV special produced by Time Life, has been brodcast nationwide by PBS.
Repertoire can range from well-known chestnuts, such as Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata or Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, to rarer gems and revelations, such as Leonard Bernstein's unpublished Meditation on a Wedding.
Keyboard Conversations® were inspired by Leonard Bernstein's celebrated programs that made the joy of music accessible to audiences of all ages. To that format, Jeffrey Siegel has added his own unique blend of extraordinary musicianship, warm personality, vast knowledge, and engaging humor.

“I believe the transcendent dimension great music adds to our lives is more necessary now than ever.”

Jeffrey Siegel