Press Acclaim

Columnist, The New York Times
My wife, two daughters, and I have attended Jeffrey Siegel's Keyboard Conversations on several occasions and have greatly enjoyed them. He has a way of talking about music that really illuminates it, and he does this without talking down or dumbing down, and this makes listening to the music he plays more accessible - and fun - for everyone.

Palm Desert, California
Jeffrey Siegel is a rare combination of talents. He is an outstanding musician and certainly one of the finest pianists of his generation. In fact, to be able to showcase a pianist of his stature in our theatre is a rare opportunity. But Jeffrey has an additional talent that is quite unique. He talks to the audience and the audience listens. Jeffrey has a way of communicating to the audience that is intelligent yet completely natural. He speaks from the heart. He is able to engage both young and old, wrapping them in the warmth of both the music and his personality.
Mitchell Gershenfeld, President and CEO

Authur Rubinstein

Fairfax, Virginia
I can count the artists on one hand whom I have resolved to present every year of every season I produce "no matter what, no matter where” - and Jeffrey Siegel accounts for at least three fingers on that hand. Jeffrey reveals the timeless value of each work he selects for his recitals. His joyful, insightful Keyboard Conversations move Jeffrey beyond the status of an excellent concert artist, connecting him with his audience almost as a member of the family. Keyboard Conversations are entertainment at its best, art at its finest, education at its core.
William Reeder, Dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts

Music Commentator, Author, BBC Broadcaster
In a world filled with flummery and jargon, Jeffrey Siegel tells and plays it like it is.
No one takes you faster from here to the heart of the music, and no one makes you feel more confident that music has a vital role to play in your life.

Evanston, Illinois
In a hectic and ever changing world, some things remain constant: the moon and stars, brisk Fall days and, of course, Jeffrey Siegel's Keyboard Conversations series. There has never been another like Jeffrey and his audience continues to be ever faithful. Forty years on Chicago's North Shore and the conversation continues...
Richard Van Kleeck, Executive Director, Pick-Staiger Concert Hall