Press Acclaim

"Jeffrey Siegel is a pianist who literally overflows with music."  Berlin Die Welt

“A lion of the keyboard.” Amsterdam Het Parool

“He is one of those few pianists who impresses first as interpreter. A first-class musician who can sketch and colour with greatness.”   The London Times

“The versatility of his interpretive gifts is extraordinary.”  London Daily Telegraph

“Siegel’s Keyboard Conversations® have proved so popular that he now has the audience standing in the aisles.” The Arizona Republic

“His preliminary talk with musical examples was so stimulating that I could hardly wait for the complete performance.” St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“An exquisite performance..superb music making. This was an achievement of a sort seldom heard.” The New York Times

“He may just be a musical Carl Sagan.” Los Angeles Times

“Siegel possesses that rare conversational skill---the verbal program note.” The Boston Herald

“...a powerhouse pianist with a fiery temperament.” Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Jeffrey Siegel gave the finest, most musical performance of this work that I’ve heard anywhere.” The San Francisco Examiner

“Siegel lit the stage..piano playing to delight the ears.” San Diego Evening Tribune

“Pianist exerts magical hold on audience.” The Arizona Republic

“Siegel made the listening experience thrilling.” Los Angeles Times

“...the Leonard Bernstein of the keyboard.” The Chicago Tribune

“His CDs easily equal Leonard Bernstein's Young People's Concerts in their ability to explain deep musical matters with elegant simplicity.” The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Pianist helps listeners learn what it’s all about.” The Dallas Morning News

“...commands the unwavering attention of his audience with a unique combination of gifts as artist, educator, and entertainer.” The Daily Camera (Boulder, Colorado)

“Keyboard Conversations give the listener the inside track.” The Columbus Dispatch

“...witty and erudite commentary – plus topnotch piano playing!” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“An unusual gift for commentary as well as extraordinary pianism bring Siegel’s audience wholly into the musical experience.” Los Angeles Times

“Siegel is the perfect instrument to transmit the timeless power and enduring passion of Beethoven’s music.” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“...a performer who colors with virtuoso artistry.” The New York Times