Press Acclaim

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jeffrey Siegel delivers a truly magnificent performance through his Keyboard Conversations. His mastery of the piano is brilliant, yet it is his ability to engage the audience in a meaningful and inviting dialogue that makes classical music come alive to the new and old audiences alike. We can't wait to have him back!
Anne Ewers, President and Chief Executive Officer

New York City

As a consummate pianist with an extraordinary musical pedigree, Jeffrey Siegel possesses the skill to capture the imaginations of all who are blessed to hear him perform. But through his Keyboard Conversations, Jeffrey transports his listeners to a time and place beyond the beautiful tones he is able to extract from the piano. Jeffrey artfully connects the audience to the composer and his music by providing a picture of the composer’s personal life at the time a particular work was composed. The historical anecdotes and fascinating stories which Jeffrey provides enable the audience to "look behind the notes." Keyboard Conversations explore some of the most beautiful piano music ever written, and combine dazzling pianism with an intimate and personal portrait of the composer who wrote it. You will at once be entertained and enthralled as a great composer comes to life in both words and music. I can assure you of one thing: after experiencing a Keyboard Conversation, you will want to attend again and again!
Ron Losby, President

New York City

Not since the golden days of Leonard Bernstein has a musician with equal verbal and musical skills attempted to engage, inform, educate and thrill us as Jeffrey Siegel does in his masterful and entertaining Keyboard Conversations.
Stephen Rubin, President and Publisher

Detroit, Michigan

In this age which lacks arts education in general, Jeffrey Siegel's Keyboard Conversations are a welcome addition to everyone's concert calendar. His presentation and performance add immeasurably to the listener's understanding of how and why a piece of music exists. I can't think of anyone who does this kind of programming better.
Leonard Slatkin, Music Director

New York City

Jeffrey Siegel is that rare artist who can combine a superb performance with an illuminating, inspiring, educational experience. Keyboard Conversations are truly a treasure that will delight music lovers everywhere.
Yoheved Kaplinsky, Chair, Piano Department and Director, Pre-College Division

Cleveland, Ohio
Through his Keyboard Conversations, Jeffrey Siegel has brought an intelligent and sensitive understanding of important music to our campus for more than a decade. I wouldn't miss him for the world.
Michael Schwartz, President-Emeritus, Cleveland State University

Pulitizer Prize Winner
Author of Beethoven: The Universal Composer and biographies of Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan
Felix Mendelssohn once said that music is a language that takes over when words fail. I have learned this, as I have learned many memorable things, from Jeffrey Siegel, who is as gifted a talker as he is a pianist. Every time he embarks on one of his famous Keyboard Conversations, speaking clear, witty, informative English, and (when the moment comes for the music to express itself) producing brilliant sounds from the piano, the communicative miracle Mendelssohn described happens afresh. Mr. Siegel deftly gets to the heart of each piece, big or small, explaining what’s unique about it in words that are as revelatory as they are simple. Then he plays work entire, with effortless virtuosity, and we listen with sharpened ears and deeper understanding.

Scottsdale, Arizona
This year the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts will celebrate its 30th consecutive season featuring Jeffrey Siegel's Keyboard Conversations. This series' devoted audience continues to expand as does its appreciation of classical music thanks to the illuminating and charming commentaries that accompany each work performed. His presence in our seasons has become a tradition that is continuously refreshed by his imaginative programming.
William Banchs, President and CEO, Scottsdale Cultural Council

State College, Pennsylvania
Through his informative insights, wit and fine interpretations, Siegel breaks down the barriers - both imagined and real - between artist and audience, composer and listener. Siegel incorporates both the classics of the repertoire and little-known piano treasures, weaving together programs that are interesting, informative and stimulating and that always leave us wanting to hear even more.
George Trudeau, Director, Center for the Performing Arts

Author of the three-volume, prize winning biography of Franz Liszt
Former Music Producer, BBC Music Programmes
I have had the pleasure of attending Jeffrey Siegel's Keyboard Conversations on both sides of the Atlantic. They are much more than lecture recitals. Mr. Siegel has the knack of creating a magic circle within which he places the composer, the audience, and himself, who all must exist as equal partners if the musical experience is to mean anything. Aside from his engaging manner, there is something else which should be acknowledged - among scholars, he is one of the finest pianists and among pianists, he is one of the finest scholars. This is an enviable combination that ensures that we are in safe hands.

Biographer of Leonard Bernstein,
Former Head of Music and Arts Programmes, BBC TV
Attending Jeffrey Siegel's Keyboard Conversation in London, I was curious as to whether his kind of explanatory talk about music that goes down so well in New York would also win over a London audience. I needn't have worried. Mr. Siegel shares my admiration for Leonard Bernstein and like Lenny he has developed a language that avoids talking down yet gets to the heart of the musical matter. What he says (and plays) makes excellent sense, not to mention great enjoyment.

Actor and Broadcasting Press Guild, Royal Television Society, and International Emmy Awards Winner
A piano virtuoso and first class communicator, Jeffrey Siegel makes you leave the theatre hungry for more music.